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Aluminium Consumables

Common aluminium repair consumables listed below.

Many more types available at head office so if you can't see what you need, contact us!


Straight Keys

pk.50 Al-Mg - STA758

pk.50 Al-Si - STA757

Al- Magnesium

Al-5% Mg Studs

M4x12mm -pk200 STA114

M4x15mm -pk25 STA744

M5x12mm -pk100 STA106

M6x15mm -pk25 STA746


360 Pull Ring Kit

Boxed kit with 10x M4 + 10x M6 keys, spinning 360 degrees for narrow fitment on weld studs.


Twisted Keys

pk.25 Al-Mg - STA762

pk.25 Al-Si - STA761


Al-12% Si Studs

M4x12mm -pk200 STA115

M4x15mm -pk50 STA743

M5x12mm -pk100 STA105

M6x15mm -pk50 STA745

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