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Elektron Accumeter S500D

Program controlled tester for all 12v Starter batteries.

List Price:£667.08+VAT

Clearance Price: £290.48+VAT

Re-Zinc Kit (6 available!)

Re-zinc can be used everywhere, whether before primer, zinc spray or zinc power colour has been used. The zinc coating the user gets with the re-zinc system is very durable and the matt coating of pure zinc does not need any drying time. On this zinc coat, putty, filler or paint can be easily applied.

List Price:£724.59+VAT

Clearance Price: £244.99+VAT

Body Clip Set

Several metal plates with an overall strength of 1.3 to 3.0 mm can be effortlessly fixed with the aid of these patented car body clamps. The clamps, which are manufactured from a special type of steel, are chased by a hammer over the plates, which are to be fixed and thus ensure the ideal conditions for the spot welding. Due to the narrow structural shape it is possible to fit in new parts much more effectively and to set the correct opening dimensions, due to the fact that the clamps leave space to close the doors, engine hood etc. The extractor enables the rapid removal of the clamps. Eliminating the use of conventional pliers and grips, there are 3 different sizes of clamps to accommodate   different metal thickness.

Content 1 piece extractor,     8 piece size 2 1,3 mm - 1,6 mm   4 piece size 3 2,0 mm - 2,4 mm   3 piece size 4 2,7 mm - 3,0 mm

List Price:£51.04+VAT

Clearance Price: £28.15+VAT

Karcher Floor Pads

Pk. 5 Karcher Floor Polishing Pads 15"

List Price:£47.74+VAT

Clearance Price: £35.41+VAT

Daylight Correction Bulb

3m 16399 Daylight correction bulb for paint colour matching.

List Price:£45.11+VAT

Clearance Price: £28.68+VAT

SATA Nozzle Set 1.3 for 3000 RP


List Price:£121.50+VAT

Clearance Price: £60.75+VAT

SATA Pkt.3 Air distribution rings


List Price:£14.40+VAT

Clearance Price: £7.20+VAT

SATA Pkt4 Non-drip device


List Price:£12.60+VAT

Clearance Price: £6.30+VAT

SATA visor foils, pk.5 (6 hole)

SATA35659 for Vision 2000

List Price:£11.90+VAT

Clearance Price: £5.95+VAT