Boron Steel Awareness

What does the course entail?


This is an on site course recognised by the IMI in the latest steel technology.


A short presentation to include the following topics:


  • Different type of steels used in modern vehicles.

  • Why they are used.

  • How to recognise these steels.

  • If they can be repaired or should be replaced.

  • How to weld them.

  • What to weld them with.

  • Repair methodology.


The course includes a practical mig braze test at the end. (Needed for BS10125 audits)


This course is not only suitable for shop floor personnel, but managers and estimators will also find it helpful.

Other courses can be specially designed to customer requirements. For example rivet and bond awareness, aluminium and mixed material construction.

How long does the course take?

Presentation 30 -45 minutes (per group)

Practical 20- 40 minutes (per technician)

How do i get in touch?


Please call 01670 514133 for more info, or click the button to the right if you have a query or wish to book.