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ATA-AOM009 Module

About the Course

What is ATA-AOM009?

This is very similar to the BS4872 weld test on 1mm plate with a reduced amount of welded joints to be tested. It also includes the spot weld test on 1mm.

Who needs this certificate?

It is required by technicians welding vehicles in BS10125 approved.

Any ATA accreditated technicians

This is a pre-requisite for further ATA re-accreditiation modules such as AOM030.

Please note that the ATA-AOM009 module only covers the technician to weld from 0.75mm up to 1.5mm. If a bodyshop would like full coverage, then a 2mm BS test should be taken as well.

If you are approved by certain vehicle manufacturers, you should be aware that they may not accept ATA-AOM009 certification, it is advised that the technician complete a BS4872/ BS1140 to include ATA-AOM009 to give full coverage.

How long does this module take?

Per technician - 40-60 mins

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