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VWG Aluminium Welding Authorisation

About the Course

This programme is designed to facilitate the weld repair of damaged VWG vehicles by VWG Authorised Paint and Body Centres to the correct standards and specifications.

The programme provides and expert service for all VWG Authorised Paint and Body Centres needs in terms of advice, materials, assessment, maintenance, service, personal protection equipment, certification and instruction.

What are the key elements of the programme?

•Measurement of technicians competence in Aluminium Welding and use of correct Personal Protective Equipment.

•Assessment of the Authorised Paint and Body facility and and its equipment relevant to VWG specifications and requirements.

The audit and test procedure are designed so that technicians are trained and assessed to a competent level for aluminium structural welding to manufacturers requirements and use correct personal protective equipment.


All current aluminium repair equipment, welders, repair bays and tools will be audited to ensure each meet VWG specifications and are specific to Aluminium use, that they are in current working order and serviced at regular intervals. Each Technician must have available and use the correct Personal Protection Equipment.

What are the benefits of this programme?

  • Peace of Mind

  • VWG UK, Insurance companies and the Customer can rest assured that your welding technicians have been tested to the highest automotive welding standards and are using the correct VWG Specified Welding Equipment to repair their vehicles.

  • Smooth and efficient achievement of VWG stringest requirement for Authorised Paint and Body Centres' annual audit, equipment specifications and technician certification.

How long is the Certificate valid for?

The audit will be carried out annually. Stanners will carry out re-certification on all technicians that have achieved the initial Audi TUV Aluminium Welding Certification. To ensure continuing competence, technicians will be asked to submit a weld test plate every three months.

Each technician that achieves ALL bodyshop equipment testing criteria will be awarded an IMI 'Volkswagen Group UK Authorised Aluminium Welding Technician' certificate.

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