Dust Extraction

Rupes KX135 Dust Extractor

This is a compact and easy to use unit with a connection for a single pneumatic tool. This unit provides high reliability and low maintenance requirements thanks to the absence of electric or mechanical moving parts due it its pneumatically powered motor.


  • This vacuum is designed for environments classed as zone 22 (ATEX 99/92/CE)

Supplied with:

  • Pivotable front connector

  • 29mm Suction hose

  • Paper filter bag

  • 29mm Pneumatic extraction hose

Pro-Spot Combi Dust-Free Workstation


Keep the shop clean and the air dust free, while working more efficiently than ever before!

The Combi Dust Free Workstation makes sanding easier, cleaner, more
productive AND saves money. Combining our patented and unique
Dust Free Sanding System with mobility , storage and fast clean up,
users can now use 2 Sanders at once and even attach their favorite DA.


• Mobile Slim Design and Easy Glide Wheels help the station move easily around the shop
• No Electric Motors Prevents explosive risks from heat and sparks.
• Aluminum Safe With Anti Static Hoses and No Electrical parts , the system is safe to work on aluminum or steel.
• Very Low Air Consumption Only 5-7 CFM
• Quiet & Saves Money: Low airflow keeps noise levels low and saves on air compressor & energy costs.
• Simple Clean Up Dust collects in Disposable Vacuum Bags.
• Double Productivity Designed to run Two Sanders at once

dust sanders.png
dust extraction pics 1.png