Stanners Flex3000GM

Stanners Flex3000

The Stanners Flex 3000 - Intelligent and user friendly MIG/MAG machine for sheet metal welding and MIG brazing.

Digital intelligence

The digital intelligence in the Flex 3000 makes it easy to find the program relevant to the individual car make, be it MIG brazing in high tensile steels or welding in ferritic, stainless steels. The program packages are designed for leading car makes, from Audi, GM to Ferrari's thoroughbred racers in hardenable aluminium.

Process improvement and less post treatment

Joining of special alloy thin plates required a gentle process. This process and much more is built into the memory of the Flex 3000.

The result speaks for itself, the corrosion and strength properties are maintained, there is hardly any deformation of car body plates and only little post treatment is required owing to a minimum of weld spatter and heat input.

Technical Information

  • 3 phase

  • Current Range - 15-300amp

  • GM Approval

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