Parking Sensor Hole Cutting Tools

Press-It Basic Kit REF: STA181


For all sizes and info, download this overview sheet:

The Press-it hole puncher kit is designed for punching holes into bumpers to mount parking sensors. The size of the holes differ from vehicle to vehicle.


Previously the holes were drilled by stepped drill bits. The problem is, that the bumper is unusable if the hole is too deep.


Advantages of the kit: With the different cutters, you can switch between hole sizes. Thus the holes have the optimal diameter to set the parking sensors.


Another large advantage of the Press-it System is that pressing in the holes is taken place after the painting. The varnish is moved in at the edges and as a result there are no sharp edges.


Because the sensitivity of the sensors, they have to be fixed in millimetre precision to guarantee a proper function. By using the mandrels, which are also included in the Press-It kit, the sensors are getting assembled in a very precise way. The different mandrels depending on the size of the cutters.

Press-It Full Kit - REF:STA175


This comprehensive kit comes with everything you need to cover a wide range of marques. With high quality cutters, locating mandrels, plastic drill and stainless bearing-action handle with a heavy duty case, this kit is the professional's choice when it comes to fitting parking sensors.

For all sizes and info, download this overview sheet:

Press-It Ford Edition Kit - REF: STA240

Stanners introduces the Press-It Parking Sensor Cutter - Ford Kit.

With various OEM sizes available within this kit, this will allow fitment of genuine Ford parking sensors with a perfect fit every time.

This Standalone Kit has all you need to fit Ford parking sensors to your vehicle. Made from high quality burnished tool steel, this kit comes with soft protection for the tools to prevent damage to paint whilst is use.

For all sizes and info, download this overview sheet: