Pro-Spot SP-5.3

Pro-Spot SP-5.3

The NEW Pro Spot SP-5.3 Double Pulse MIG Welder was designed with microprocessor controls and weld programs specifically geared for the collision repair industry.

Applications include Aluminum MIG, MIG Brazing, Steel MIG/MAG, Root Welding, TIG, MMA/Stick Welding, etc.

Multi-Torch System - 3 dedicated MIG torches and spools
that make switching materials as easy as grabbing a torch!

• Double Pulse Technology - Allows for precise heat control
and weld aesthetics. Great for vertical welding!
• 3 Phase Power - Maintain arc stability on the thickest to the
thinnest materials.
• SMART Software - Welding is as easy as grabbing the torch
and clicking the trigger, the software changes to the correct
weld settings and gas automatically.
• Updates & Upgrades - Keep your welder updated via USB

• User Defined Memories - Save and recall more than 200
working points and store them in a customized job list.



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