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Alu Stud Pull

Alu Stud Pull

Why the Alu Stud Pull?

The Stanners Alu Stud Pull unit offers the following features:

  • Traditional capacitor discharge aluminium stud puller welds small aluminium studs onto the damaged panel, allowing keys to be fitted and pulled using the bridge puller

  • The pulling stud welds to the surface of panel, there is no burn through to rear side of panel.

  • No need to remove trims or repaint rear side of panel.

  • Stud is removed from panel by twist action using a pair of side cutters.

  • Aluminium Consumables

    Common aluminium repair consumables listed at the link below.

    Many more types available at head office so if you can't see what you need, contact us!

    Click me to view aluminium consumables.

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