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CTR Vision

CTR Vision

SKU: STA10000

The Multifunction spot welding machine in

the premium class with complete software

package for worry free automotive repair!

Fully automatic welding particularly of components made of high maximum strength and also coated and laminated steel panels.

Aluminium welding for thin aluminium sheets up to 3 mm.

Manufacturer approval


All required welding tasks performed by a single device:

• Spot welding in automatic mode without prior adjustments

• Conventional spot welding in standard mode with setting of

current and time

• Spot welding with quality assurance and energy control:

Welding programs for coated panels and panels still containing

traces of paint or adhesive residues, including independent parallel

resistance detection system and stabilizing control as well as


specific programs with approved parameters of vehicle


• Spotting, dent repair, pulling of steel plates, welding

on of pins And T-pins (with optional spotter)

  • Technical Information

    >Voltage: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

    >Max. power: 130 kVA

    >Welding process-control software Virtual Machine (VM)

    >Easy and quick exchanging of C- and X-gun

    >Cooling power: 1000 W

    >Reproducible welding quality

    >Dimensions: 1220 x 680 x 800 mm

    >Weight approx.: 95 kg

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