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Custom Tailored Workshop Curtains & Rail System

Custom Tailored Workshop Curtains & Rail System

Stanners is able to measure, supply and fit custom workshop curtains to your premises.

These curtains are designed to protect against draught, moisture, cold, dust and grinding debris. Made from a heavy duty, 1.0mm thick flame retardant PVC, the curtains are supplied with eyelets across the width, completed with metal hanging rings every 300mm.

To prevent a tearing of the material, all four sides are hemmed. The curtain comes complete with Velcro closure systems to seal the curtain on the height side. The curtain is weighted with a chain hem and sweep to provide a seal along the ground to prevent unwanted movement from wind and air.

The curtain is on a rail system and can be folded back and stored when not in use.

  • Rail System

    Using hot dip galvanised steel brackets with stainless hardware, the ceiling mounted rail system allows the curtain to be easily pulled by the user to section off an area.

    Mounted using tensioned tie rods to your workshop ceiling, the curtain rail is a stable and high quality system, giving you a bespoke sectioning system for your workshop.

  • Product Brochure

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