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Why the Euro1000GH?

•Strong, Lightweight stand with 4 swivel castor wheels, making it easy to manoeuvre round the workshop

•Adjustable height on trigger latch of 1.75m

•Single cassette, 1kw Power output.

•Removable cassette for greater range of use for hard to reach areas.

  • Euro Spares

    We offer a range of spares listed below, contact us for more info!

    • 1000G/GH/ 2000G Bulb

    • EURO 3000G Bulb

    • EURO1000/ 2000 Bulb

      (old type)

    • EURO3000 Bulb

      (old type)

  • Technical Specifications

    Input Power: 240V, 1 Phase
    Power: 1000W
    Time Setting: 0 - 60 min
    Temperature: 30 - 100°
    Curing Area: 800 x 450 mm

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