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Why the Euro2000G?

•Strong, Lightweight stand with 4 swivel castor wheels, making it easy to manoeuvre round the workshop

•Adjustable height on trigger latch of 1.75m

•Double cassette, 2kw Power output.

•Easily adjusted into a variety of positions to achieve optimal surface area temperature.

•Removable cassette for greater range of use for hard to reach areas.

  • Euro Spares

    We offer a range of spares listed below, contact us for more info!

    • 1000G/GH/ 2000G Bulb

    • EURO 3000G Bulb

    • EURO1000/ 2000 Bulb

      (old type)

    • EURO3000 Bulb

      (old type)

  • Technical Specifications

    Input Power: 240V, 1 Phase
    Power: 2000W
    Time Setting: 0 - 60 min
    Temperature: 30 - 100°
    Curing Area: 800 x 800 mm

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