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Fronius TPS 270i

Fronius TPS 270i

SKU: FR4.075.170.830

Why the Fronius TPS 270i

With its compact dimensions and built-in wirefeeder, the Fronius TPS 270i provides a space-saving, portable and yet extremely powerful welder, for construction sites and workshops in particular.


With it's broad range of applications, it's also the ideal partner for carrying out repair work and maintenance tasks.


The TPS 270i C is equipped with the Pulse process as standard. All other TPS/i processes, such as LSC, Standard and PMC, are available as options.

The TPS/i's plain-text display is easily and intuitively controlled through its graphical user interface. The display has been optimised with the practical demands of the welding environment in mind.


Operation is easier than ever before – even while wearing gloves.

  • Technical Information

    • 3 phase, 16a Supply

    • Weight - 33.7kg

    • Current Range - 3-270amp

  • MIG Spares / Consumables

    We provide common MIG consumables listed on the link below

    Many more types available at head office so if you can't see what you need, contact us!

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