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i11 Induction

i11 Induction


Ideal for workshops or fields that require high end heat levels.

The Stanners i11 is ideal for a wide range of
applications for automotive use and more.

The i11 has a hydraulic heat exchanger with fan for excellent duty cycles, up to 4 5 mins constant use.

With 5 output levels and simple controls for ease of use.

  • Technical Specs

    • Power requirement:400 V 16 A. 50Hz
    • Encapsulation:IP21
    • Adjustment range:5 levels
    • Working frequency:15-30 kHz
    • Output power:11 kW
    • Weight: 20l fan assisted cooling
    • Size: 45 Min Continuous use at 20 deg. C
  • Applications

    •Track Rod Ends
    •Suspension Components
    •Pre Heating hubs for bearing removal
    •Removal/Unlocking seized nuts/bolts
    •Straightening Drive Shafts
    •Straightening + pre/post heating.
    •Manifold stud heating

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