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Mi100 Control T (MTC6000)

Mi100 Control T (MTC6000)

The Mi100 Control T with MTC-6000 expands the range of the "system MULTISPOT" product group and was recently tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz. The unique design of the C-transformer gun ensures easy handling in the repair of structural body damages and is perfectly suitable for spot welding and repair work in professional body shops.


  • High performance transformer pliers

  • 25% less weight

  • 40% less size

  • Impedance measurement, automatic readjustment of welding parameters and compensation for dirt, adhesives or protective coatings, resulting in perfect uniform quality and excellent welding results every time, from the first spot weld to the last.

  • Easy to use operator interface

  • Car Manufacturer and custom welding programs can be stored

  • Software updates for new car models are possible

  • Quality proof by logging important welding and order data

  • Available PC Software for documentation and analysis of the logged spot weld data

  • 5 metre cable for increased reach

  • Optional Cable support balancer


Special Order Item 

  • Technical Information

    • 14,000 amps

    • 600 DaN Tip Pressure at 8 BAR

    • Water Cooled

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