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Plastic Fusion System

Plastic Fusion System

Why the Plastic Fusion System?

The Stanners Plastic Fusion System is all new for 2020!


Ideal for repairing broken plastic parts, from splits in bumpers, broken tabs and mounting brackets, cracked motorcycle fairings and much more!

With 2 torches, one for inserting hot staples for rebuilding and reinforcing broken plastic as well as a hot iron for melting larger cracks - the other torch for melting filler plastic to the cracked workpiece. 


The system provides a fast, cost effective repair option for plastics - designed especially for high quality, strong and rapid repairs within the automotive sector.

With the optional user controlled supply of nitrogen gas to eliminate oxidisation/fumes during the weld process, this creates a strong, high quality repair. Alternatively, the user can simply use hot air to melt the plastic.

With this system, you can repair cracks, reinforce with hot staples then reach a set temperature with a small volume of air OR nitrogen, fill the damaged part quickly and efficiently creating a strong, permanent and high quality repair using the provided melt strips.

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