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Press-It Basic Kit

Press-It Basic Kit


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The Press-it hole puncher kit is designed for punching holes into bumpers to mount parking sensors. The size of the holes differ from vehicle to vehicle.


Previously the holes were drilled by stepped drill bits. The problem is, that the bumper is unusable if the hole is too deep.


Advantages of the kit: With the different cutters, you can switch between hole sizes. Thus the holes have the optimal diameter to set the parking sensors.


Another large advantage of the Press-it System is that pressing in the holes is taken place after the painting. The varnish is moved in at the edges and as a result there are no sharp edges.


Because the sensitivity of the sensors, they have to be fixed in millimetre precision to guarantee a proper function. By using the mandrels, which are also included in the Press-It kit, the sensors are getting assembled in a very precise way. The different mandrels depending on the size of the cutters.

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