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Spot Expert Pro

Spot Expert Pro


Why the Spot Expert Pro ?

​Welding source with INVERTER TECHNOLOGY, D.C. welding current Welding of low-carbon steel, zinc coated steel, HSS/BORON steel Medium Frequency welding transformer fitted on the gun. Welding control with graphical display; Automatic welding current regulation; Weld report via USB memorystick; 3-Phases supply; Cooling unit with water circulation; Transformer, cables, gun and arms water-cooled; Welding gun suspension with relief arm. 


Various Arm Options  

  • Technical Information

    • Nominal power @50%duty cycle: kVa 13
    • Max short secondary current: kA 15
    • 3 phase supply voltage +/- 10%: V400
    • Secondary no load voltage: V6,2
    • Delayed fuses: A32
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