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Stanners 3TI Inverter Expert

Stanners 3TI Inverter Expert


Why the 3T Expert?

​Triple torch setup - no need to switch torches or liners!

  • Latest 250AMP Synergic Unit


  • 10 Voltage Settings. Inverter power source.


  • Automatic wire speed regulation to fine tune the welding process


  • Holds 2 gas bottles to the back of the unit (Pure Argon for Brass & Aluminium, and Argo shield for Steel Mig) therefore there is no requirement to swap gas bottles.


  • An Aluminium Spool Gun allows the thinnest of materials to be welded e.g. Splits on wings


  • Can be set up for : Steel, Brass & Aluminium
  • Has inverter technology at its core making it more energy efficient complying with new EU regulations.
  • Technical Information

    • Current range -25-250AMP
    • Weight - 70kg
    • 16AMP, 3 Phase Supply
  • MIG Spares / Consumables

    We provide common MIG consumables listed on the link below

    Many more types available at head office so if you can't see what you need, contact us!

    Click here to view our MIG consumables

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