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Stanners Fume Eliminator STANDARD

Stanners Fume Eliminator STANDARD

The Stanners Fume Eliminator STANDARD sets new and improved standards of build quality and extraction capacity along with overall improvements in product design resulting in easier maintenance and usability.


The EURO3886.V2 replaces the EURO3886 with superior Specifications and extraction capacity. Suitable for sheet metal welding and soldering applications where a lower concentration of fumes is present.  


A truly portable welding fume extractor ideal for maintenance workshops , car Bodyshop's, on-site welding applications and other welding or solder applications where lower welding fume emissions are present.


Polluted air is sucked in by a brush motor with integrated aspirator positioned inside the machine casing. Captured is done by an adjustable cap and through a 60mm diameter flexible tube reaches a filtration cartridge. After the fan fume will be finally expelled. The final deodorisation is carried out through an activated carbon cell.

  • Features

    •Lightweight (18kg) but powerful (160 m3/h Air Flow)

    •Advanced fire-retardant cartridge filter with quick-change mechanism

    •Filter efficiency of 99.99% down to 3 μm

    •Supplied with active carbon filter for added protection against welding fumes

    •Supplied with 3 metre hose and magnetic extraction nozzle •Manufactured in Europe in accordance to all relevant community directives

    •Conforms to 2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU and 2011/65/EU

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