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Stanners QuickPull 3000 Speed

Stanners QuickPull 3000 Speed

The Stanners QuickPull 3000 Speed is used in fast repair work for light body collision repair/maintenance/diagnosis for vehicles with high working efficiency.

The four adjustable lifting arms move in 180°, allowing the bench to be used as a scissor lift, making it easy to use on nearly all vehicles. The swivel dozer has multiple pulling angles and heights including downward pull and can be moved 360°around the bench, always achieving maximum pulling force, no matter what height. 

The adjustable heavy duty clamps are easy to set-up and remove and feature vertical adjustment for easy locating and clamping with separate lifting feet, meaning that the vehicle is quicker to load and safer for the operator since the vehicle is at a better working height than using wheel buckets alone.

The operator has the choice to use sill clamp arms where the lifting arms would usually sit.

There is an option to raise the sill clamps which allows measuring to take place. Includes full chain and pulling clamp kit. For cars without sills e.g. BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Renault, sill adaptors are available to hire.

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  • Technical Specification

    • LIFTING CAPACITY: 3000kg

    • PULLING POWER: 6 Ton


    • MAX LIFTING HEIGHT: 1400mm

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