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TKR PNP90 Hydraulic Riveter

TKR PNP90 Hydraulic Riveter


Universal Adaptable Technology - a Pneumatic / Hydraulic Universal Tool, specifically developed for all common riveting operations in thin sheet metal.


  • More & More Manufacturers are switching to bonding & riveting

  • As there is no heat generated with rivets they can join UHSS/BORON steels without weakening the steel

  • Better for corrosion warranty as e-coatings are not removed or burnt away

  • There is less surface preparation i.e. no removal of transport primer needed

  • Unlike spot welding, Riveting does not cause sparks avoiding damage to interiors and glass

  • Rivets can join steel or aluminium or a combination of different steels/aluminium where they cant be welded

  • Holds structural adhesive in place as it cures

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