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UnoLiner Drive-On Benches

UnoLiner Drive-On Benches

The UnoLiner Drive-On Benches combine Drive-On Ramps with a vehicle lift and chassis straightening bench for quick and easy collision damage repair. The car or truck can stay on its wheels while it is lifted to working height. Our Wheel Stands & Quick Lock Chassis Clamps ensure the car or truck is accessibly placed and anchored to the frame machine bench system and ready for body and chassis straightening within 10 minutes. Since the first UnoLiner chassis straightening bench’s construction, we have further developed and perfected our collision repair workshop equipment. We offer body shop and panel beater professionals the repair equipment they need. UnoLiner produces conveniently low Drive-On benches that can be placed flat on the workshop floor. No bench angling swing systems or winches are needed to roll cars onto a UnoLiner bench. All of this results in a multifunctional solution for every workshop.

  • Features

    >Low bench height

    >Mechanical and hydraulic safety systems

    >60 or 100 cm drive-on ramps

    >3, 4.6, 5, or 6 ton lifting capacity

    >Bench frame lengths of 4, 4.6, 5.5, or 6 meters

    >Multiple-angle 10-ton pulling ability

    >Interchangeable UnoLiner accessories

  • Technical Specification

    >Total length : 3795-7140mm

    >Standard width per lane : 450mm

    >Weight per section: 12-16 kg

    >Angled drive section: 600 or 1000 mm

    >Max load per ramp section: 1000-1500 kg

  • Video Link

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