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UVTEK Instacure

UVTEK Instacure

Why the UVTEK Instacure?

The Instacure is designed specially and used for those in the manufacturing and professional collision repair automotive industry.

Using either automatic time-set mode or manual mode, the Instacure has a uniform curing area with no 'hot-spots', giving a perfect finish.

The glass protected light emits only pure UVA.

The lens can be easily removed for cleaning. The unit can be packed for storage in the carry case after use.

The unit has a passive thermal management system with a cooling fan in the head - no cooldown time between uses and can run non-stop without overheating.

  • Technical Specification

    • 20-60 seconds UV Body Filler

    • 10-120 seconds UV Primer

    • 10-90 seconds UV Clearcoat

    *dependent on paint product type, curing method and/or other factors

    • Long LED Lifespan - over 35000 Hours

    • Li-Ion Battery 18.5v 3500mAh (1 1/2hr charge)

    • Uniform Curing Area

    • Emits pure UVA

  • Brochure

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