Hydraulic Riveters

TKR XT2 Hydraulic Riveter

With the increasing need for bonding and riveting operations in body repair to join aluminium and a mix of materials, it is essential to have the correct tooling capable of performaing a wide range of riveting styles at the right pressure.

New for 2016, the TKR XT2 is the strongest mobile hydraulic tool for bodywork repair. All extentions are based on the existing PNP90 UN2.0, compatability with existing riveting tools is possible.

With infinite adjustment of the working rpessure and up to 10T of compression force and 8T of tension force, the TKR XT2 is a versatile and lightweight necessity for any workshop.

Upgrade your existing PNP90 to the new TKR XT2!

TKR XT2 Docking Station

The TKR XT2 Docking station guarantees to set rivets correctly to full strength in the event of pressure drop or if your compressor shuts off.


  • Compact Design

  • Low Weight

  • Allows the XT2 to complete rivets to full strength as a backup in case of compressor failure whilst in the middle of riveting a job.

  • Auto Shut-Off in the event of failed riveting pressure.

  • JLR and Mercedes Benz Approved Unit.

TKR PNP90 Hydraulic Riveter

Universal Adaptable Technology - a Pneumatic / Hydraulic Universal Tool, specifically developed for all common riveting operations in thin sheet metal.


  • More & More Manufacturers are switching to bonding & riveting

  • As there is no heat generated with rivets they can join UHSS/BORON steels without weakening the steel

  • Better for corrosion warranty as e-coatings are not removed or burnt away

  • There is less surface preparation i.e. no removal of transport primer needed

  • Unlike spot welding, Riveting does not cause sparks avoiding damage to interiors and glass

  • Rivets can join steel or aluminium or a combination of different steels/aluminium where they cant be welded

  • Holds structural adhesive in place as it cures









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