VWG Training Programme

VWG Welding Authorisation Programme

Improvements in vehicle safety and crash performance have led to the inclusion of more high-tech metals and joining technologies in the manufacture of VW group vehicles.

These technology advancements designed to improve vehicle performance and driving dynamics, as well as passenger comfort and safety, bring a unique set of characteristics to the process and excecution of vehicle repair following an accident.

VWG has appointed Stanners Equipment Ltd. as the VWG preferred supplier to provide the network with a comprehensive equipment supply, configuration and competence testing programme. The whole programme will provide a turnkey solution for VWG Paint and Body Authorised Repairers.

What is the purpose and the goals for the programme?

This programme has been designed to ensure that the services provided by Stanners Equipment Ltd. are both consistent and to the right standard for all VWG Paint and Body Authorised Repairers.

Consequently, participating VWG Paint and Body Authorised Repairers will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence in all aspects of welding all specifications of steel and aluminium

  • Satisfy VWG Paint and Body operating standards

  • Satisfy VWG Paint and Body customer repair charter, in particular, ensuring repairs are excecuted to VWG manufacturer specification

  • Ensure that each VWG Welding Technician will be IMI certified to British Standard and VWG Standards of Steel and Aluminium weld testing

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