Walnut Blaster - Carbon Clean Tool

Universal Walnut Blaster

-Carbon Removal Tool


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The Universal Walnut Blaster is used to treat the surface of inlet channels and valves, removing carbonized material without affecting the metal surface by using a pressurised jet of walnut granules.

Compressed air is used to propel the blast medium –a pressure regulator for adjusting the air pressure with an integrated water separator is included in the scope of delivery.

Why Walnut Granules?

Nut shell granules are a natural product made from purified, ground walnut shells which are used as a blast medium for the gentle cleaning of surfaces.

Due to the low hardness and low specific weight, no material is removed from the workpiece.

When cleaning internal combustion engines, due to the organic nature of Walnut shell, any residual blast medium simply burns away without residue.

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Blast Media and Universal suction adaptors are available for vertically and horizontally installed motors.