TKR Blind Riveter

blind riveter.PNG
Blind Riveter compact form with measurem

110mm in compact form

blind riveter extension.png

200mm Extension


TKR Blind Riveting System

With the blind riveter option for the both the TKR XT2 + PNP90, you can further extend the use of your TKR system, allowing the quick and easy setting of blind rivets and blind rivet nuts. With low weight, a compact design, flexibility in all directions, a collection chamber for demolished tension bolts, accessibility for all blind rivets and rivnuts on the market and wide range of accessories from extension pieces, extensions and more with 24.5kN setting force at 6 BAR.


Universal rivet adaptors

For easy exchange of riveting tools. 1.8-4.4mm for rivets (stem width) including domed type.

Rivnut fitter.png

rivstud kit

Specialist set for fitting low resistance electrical grounds on metallic structures.

xt2blindriveting set.png

Low profile heads

Low profile heads to be used with the extension to keep length to a minimum.


Rivnut kit

Gives you the capability to set and draw blind rivnuts.